7/9 – After the Hard South West Blow

Ralph and his crew from Currituck came down to fish with us today. We searched high and low and finally found the mahi. The guys put a hurting on them and we got our limit(60 mahi-mahi) quick along with a nice gaffer. Thanks guys and hope to see you again soon!!

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7/6 – Blue Million Bailers

Had a great group of people today!! Found a blue million of nice bailers out in the deep today. Called the boats to me and 7 boats managed a limit of mahi. Fun was had by all.

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7/5 – The Zaszewski’s

Had a great family, the Zaszewski’s, from Virginia beach , Rich, Ali, Katie, and Isabella with us today. The girls reeled in lots of mahi-mahi ( both bailers and gaffers) and we mixed in some blackfin tuna. Had a shot at a marlin but it didn’t come tight and got some really awesome pictures of […]

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7/3 -Great Day with the Crew from Virginia

A great group from the tidewater Virginia area decided to tough out the rough seas this morning and it paid off as the wind and seas calmed out. We had a great catch of mahi and bottom fish. Thanks Dan, Brad, and friends. As always, I had a great time fishing with you!!

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7/2 – Beautiful Day with Plenty of Sunshine

Beautiful day with plenty of sunshine , and wind to keep the red white and blue flyin! Few days open this month if anyone would like to get in on the action give me a call. Plenty of dolphins and a a sailfish on our last fishing day. Enjoying the day off on my […]

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6/27 – Tuna Tuesday

Tuna Tuesday! Landed in the perfect spot this morning and before all lines were in we were hooked up. The yellowfins were HUNGRY! Zack was worn out before we even got started good and it kept on coming. That 72lb citation yellowfin gave him a run for his money but he assured […]

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6/26 – Tuna Kind Of Day

We started off our day with a fat yellowfin and ended the day with 5 at once …could it get any better ? I think not. The boys from Omaha Nebraska were happy to be catching Tuna’s instead of sitting in the hail storm back home. Tuna steaks for dinner !

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5/15 Crushed the mahi

Steve, Hailey,Scott, Ashley, biggun, and Jason crushed the mahi today. They were riggin baits allday and even gaffered a few. O e of tbe best crews we’ve fished with. Thanks for the help and we look forward to doing it again Thursday.

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5/12 Great Gaffer Fishing

It was a little choppy this morning but we had some troopers. Josh and his friends were rewarded with some really mice gaffers. They were busy cranking all day. Also had a couple tuna to top the box off.

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5/11 meat slam

meat slam today with citation wahoo and finished filling the box with mahi and tuna. As a bonus , jad a huge blue marlin hooked up that went crazy behind me boat and tried to come aboard. Had a great day!!

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